Tiny Finds a New Home

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As night fell Tiny shivered with fear. Which direction was home? She turned right and then turned left but couldn’t find the way home. She was very tired and did not understand why her family did not come back for her. Did they suddenly stop loving her? Maybe it’s because she barked at the neighbors? Maybe because she chewed on some slippers when she was a puppy and ruined them? Maybe because she ate too much?

What will happen now? Who will take care of her? Where will she find food and water?

Tiny, a small house dog, finds herself on the street one day. She happily joined her family on what seemed to be a car trip, but they abandoned her far from home. Tiny is forced to learn to survive on the cruel streets, and undergoes a harrowing journey on the way to finding a new home.

Tamar Dressler, a journalist and director of a humanitarian organization, dreamed as a child of becoming Dr. Dolittle, the world renowned Vet. Today, alongside her humanitarian work worldwide, she serves as a foster home and forever home for dozens of different animals; dogs, cats, mice, rabbits, birds and chickens, all in the hope of making lives better, for humans and animals alike.

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