Nobles Of The Woods – Finding Gloria

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“We will need each other on this journey, Nira.
If you weren’t there to save me last night, I don’t think Sapphire would have…” Zephyrus asserted.
“Let’s keep each other close.”
“Of course,” Niradan agreed.

The legend of Gloria has it that the ancient Kings of Fire and Air both loved Lily-Avine, but she ran away, refusing their love to maintain peace in the land. In a moment of despair, the King of Fire created hell and avenged his brother. Ever since then, his spirit has been roaming around
dauntingly. After a series of odd nightmares, Zephyrus, Niradan, Adam and Kai decide to go look for the ancient land of Gloria, but they soon find out that venturing into the woods means overcoming ominous perils.

“Finding Gloria” is the 1st book of a fantasy novel series titled, “The Nobles of the Woods.” Written by Michal Pashaev, it is packed with emotions, humor and mythical superpowers. Michal has dreamed of writing this book since she was a child, and is proud to highlight the grand power of friendship, humility, and inner strength.

מידע נוסף

  • הוצאה לאור: ספרי ניב
  • מחבר: Michal Pashaev
  • מספר עמודים: 333
  • דאנאקוד: 1272-2150

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