Happiness is a Decision

הוספה לסל

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Who influences the happiness in our lives? In one word: us. We have to decide to be happy.
“Today I can proudly say that I cherish depression. Thanks to it I reached true happiness. Like I got a bomb in the face that woke me up and said, “Honey, you’re not even close to the target.” To this day I talk to myself sometimes, suddenly cry, suddenly smile, still working on it and every day learning something new. I am still very busy, just like I have been at all times in my life, but I have no more stress and bad feelings. I just flow with life. You just have to decide, and that’s exactly what I did. I want a peaceful life, free of worries of any kind!”
“Happiness is a decision” written in order to release a lot of pain that I had in my heart for many years and to help any person who will find benefit in reading the book. Here I take off all the masks I have worn for many years, reveal everything and tell about difficulties and challenges I have faced during most of my life. Life was very complex for me, and I experienced a lot of extreme ups and downs in mood, to the point of depression and anxiety. Today I can proudly say that I discovered the path to happiness for me, and I wish to “pass it on” in the hope that more people will reach their absolute happiness. I invite you to decide to live a full life and be happy.

Roy Marciano, 36.5 years old, is involved in dog training, helping animals, and coaching and has served as a guide for at-risk youth. likes to write Very connected to the sea, nature and jeep trips and lives in Eilat.

מידע נוסף

  • הוצאה לאור: ספרי ניב
  • מחבר: רועי מרציאנו
  • מספר עמודים: 148
  • ISBN: 978-965-5793628

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