Ask Why and Learn – מארז חמישה ספרים

הוספה לסל

*המחיר לספר מודפס אינו כולל משלוח

למה התפוח נפל מהעץ?
למה אוטובוסים משמיעים קולות של פלוצים?
ולמה חתולים מגרגרים?
שאלות הלמה האינסופיות מהילדים שלנו יכולות להטריף…
סדרת הספרים המהנים והאינפורמטיביים האלה יתנו לילדים הסקרנים שלכם את התשובות לכל השאלות שלהם וגם יצחיקו אותם תוך כדי.
״שאל למה ולמד” היא סדרה חדשה של ספרי ילדים, המעניקה ידע בסיסי בשפה האנגלית, במדע, בטכנולוגיה, בגיאוגרפיה, בזואולוגיה ועוד. שלושת הבונבונים – לוסי התמנון, ג׳ספר הנמר ואלברט החזיר יקחו את ילדיכם למסע שימלא את המוחות הקודחים של הגאונים הקטנים בידע והומור רב.

‏A זה לאפל (Apple)
‏B זה לבס (Bus)
‏C זה לקאט (Cat)
‏D זה לדד (Dad)
‏E זאת לאג (Egg)

חמשת הספרים הראשונים של הסדרה כבר מוכנים.

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About the book

Why did the apple fall from the tree?
Why do buses make farting noises?
Why do cats purr?
Those endless WHY questions from your little ones can drive you mad!
These fun and informative books will give your curious kids all the answers and make them laugh at the same time.
“Ask WHY and Learn” is a new series of children’s books, providing basic knowledge in language, science, technology, geography, zoology and much more. The Three Bonbons: Lucy the Octopus, Jasper the Tiger, and Albert the Pig will take your kids through a journey of knowledge and humour while feeding the minds of your little geniuses in the making!

A is for Apple
B is for Bus
C is for Cat
D is for Dad
E is for Egg

The first five books of the series are ready.
Can’t wait for more? Head to the author’s read-aloud youtube channel to discover the rest!

About the author

Kim Young is a Korean-British writer and translator. She grew up in Saudi Arabia with her literature loving mother, music loving father, and a pianist brother. She then moved to England where she finished her studies and afterwards, spent many years in Gibraltar and Israel for work and family. She now lives in London with her husband, three kids and two cats.
“Ami, my eldest, was always an avid reader, but the other two, less so. My 3 year old twins, Charlie and Dylan, would not sit for more than 2 minutes as I tried to read to them. I tried different genres and levels of books, but nothing worked. Finally, I started asking them questions about different topics while making up stories and coming up with answers.
“The first topic was about apples, their favourite fruit at the time. I asked them what it was, why it was yummy, why it was red and as I gave them the answers, I realised they were completely engaged and were finally listening to a story!” – Kim Young, author
This is how the ASK WHY AND LEARN series came about. The author hopes the books will provide entertainment and knowledge to children and some peace and quiet for the parents.

Jade B. Marchandeau is a French artist and illustrator. She obtained her First Degree in 2018 at Beaux-arts de Toulouse and her Master’s Degree in 2021 at Bezalel Academy of Art and Design. She teaches drawing and illustration to children.

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