Rising From Down Under


The storm hit in the early afternoon, as we started making our way back. The wind began to blow strongly and sounded like unearthly shrieks; noise was deafening.
The clouds were pitch-black and the cold rain poured down on us heavily. The yacht was lifted on mountainous dark waves and then crashed down after the wave passed on, again and again like on a rollercoaster. Amidst the magnificent show Mother Nature was putting on, something remarkable happened to me.

The storm was a wakeup call which set in motion a journey.
It started with the collapse of the author’s world and everything she knew about it, and ended in Australia (also known as “Down Under”) on the other side of the world.
On that far-away continent, she would find wild romance, but her core values of family, friends, love and loyalty would be tested. She would have to find out who she truly was.
This is a story of wild adventure in search of true meaning and self-identity, which will inspire you to test your own boundaries of true self.

Anat Naveh is a personal development coach, mentor and teacher who lives in Israel.
She is a world traveler and her true passion is connecting with people and helping them ignite the light within them. This is her first book.

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