Only You I Will Always Love


Love in a time of war, does it stand a chance? Does it have hope?
No one asked, nor could anyone have the answers.
The year is 1942; the place, the state of British Mandatory Palestine. The German threat leads the American espionage bureau to send an intelligence officer and spy to aid the British in their fight. The name of the officer, Roy.
In a small café in Tel Aviv, Roy meets Esther, a young Jewish teacher, and their love ignites. But this is a time of war, tanks now do most of the talking.
That summer, the country is taken by the Germans. Is the end of everything they know approaching? Will Roy and Esther survive? Will their love live on?
A semi-historical novel that will touch your heart.

This book was written in memoriam of my father, Roy Lamont Webb from Tulsa, Oklahoma, who lost his life during the fulfillment of his role as an agent working for the CIA.

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