Daily daily daily routine.
Most parents already experience how it is to ‘manage’ time with children.
Our kids have their own pace, their own time.
They also have their interpretation of cleanliness and order.
It’s very challenging to have them ‘perform their tasks’ without delay and without leaving their environment in mess.
By repetitive humorist story, let’s hope that our children will say:
“I don’t want to be like a snail”
Let’s hope it’ll assist in making them decide to be agile and better arrange their belongings.

My name is Amit Golan, an average father to two Wonderful girls.
Our day to day + chats with other parents (some of them became friends) led me to observe that my daughter behaves exactly like a snail. She does everything slowly and she almost never arranges her stuff. With humor, I wrote this short story to say to other parents: “you are not alone” and to say to other children “be cute like the snail but don’t behave like it”.
I’m an Automation developer and in the past I wrote two other books with different contexts and contents.

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