I Won Against Hitler


This beautifully illustrated children´s book tells the gripping story of Irene Shashar.
Born Ruth, she is taken with her family to the Warsaw ghetto. Her father is killed there; she and her mother escape through the sewers. Her name is changed to Irene to make her less obviously Jewish. Mother and daughter survive the war, after several close shaves with the Nazis. Irene´s mother dies in Paris and Irene, now an orphan, is taken to Lima, Peru to live with her mother´s niece and her family. Irene now has parents, a brother, and a little sister: one big and happy family.

The rest is a story of increasing success. As reward for academic excellence, she gets scholarships to several universities in the U.S. and a Lectureship at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Above all, two wonderful children and seven grandchildren!

Hitler is dead! Irene is alive! Her descendants are alive!
She won!

On January 27, 2020, International Holocaust Remembrance Day, Irene was asked to give her testimony at the General Assembly of the United Nations.
Two thousand people got up to give her a standing ovation.

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