Nuclear Family

On a cool morning, Mommy Neutrona woke up and said to Daddy Proton,
“It’s the perfect weather for Star Soup, so let’s get a move on!”

The book, Nuclear Family, was written with the aim of conveying abstract physical ideas to children.
The book easily describes the particles that make up the Universe, together with their activities.
The characterizations are based on the particles’ attributes and the plot describes two physical processes:
Photosynthesis – which creates links of nuclear families (connecting hydrocarbons that make up the plant skeleton).
Hydrogen Fusion – which occurs at the core of the sun (the gathering of the family at Grandpa and Grandma).

Omer Livne is a chemical engineer. He is also a lover of science and art.
He tutors privately in science, as well as being a chemistry teaching assistant.
His work is in the field of clinical research.


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