Motivateen is dedicated to those trying to understand the teenagers of today, generations Z and Alpha, and who wish to speak, influence, and motivate them. This book is meant especially for: educators, parents, teen counselors, people from the field of marketing and communication, and, in effect, anyone who wants to keep up with the newest lifestyle, lingo, trends, and distinct social patterns, in the hopes of getting to know the teenagers of today, and what makes them tick.

Yaniv Waizman, 47 years old, married to Kfir, and father of two daughters: Shay and Lior, has been active in the world of teenagers for over two decades. He interacts with them daily across various fields, wearing different hats – as the founder and CEO of the advertising company teenk which specializes in content catering to teenagers, among them the younger Z and Alpha generations who collaborate with brands, companies, and large organizations in Israel, including government offices, commercial companies, the IDF, and NGOs, and as the founder of “IGY,” a gay youth organization providing solutions to LGBT youth across the county, as well as the council member of the Tel Aviv-Jaffa City Council, serving on behalf of the political party “Rov Hair” representing the city’s young adults. This unique book provides a rare glimpse into the world of teenagers while incorporating stories of the author’s own personal experience maturing into adulthood, including the story of establishing “IGY” one of the most important youth organizations that arose in Israel, as well as the story of the establishment and running of his advertising agency, teenk.

Throughout the book, the author deals with imperative topics relating to teenagers, by expressing the insights he has reached through working with them in the field, and by providing examples from his personal and professional life. He grants a behind-the-scenes look into the social, educative, and marketing campaigns, and by doing so, presents sociological and psychological theories relating to the process of motivating teenagers through dialogue. In this book, the Brand Movement model is presented for the first time – a unique and novel model for empowering and promoting commercial, social, and national brands through the empowerment and promotion of teenagers, a model which, at it´s core, is founded on the interconnectedness of marketing and social agendas, reflecting the link Yaniv Waizman does between social activism and marketing, and, as such, highlights a worldview that pays respect and grants a stage for the power of the youth to shine.


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